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Hatha Jodi

Vatsu store offers Hatha Jodi at affordable rate so hurry up and buy now Hatha Jodi. As per literature available "Hatha jodi" is the root of a rare kind of herb found in Madhaya Pradesh(India) in Amar Kantek hills and in the Lumibani valley of Nepal, there are thick forests.  At that place one will find branches which look like a hand having fingers or those which look like two hands joined together in prayer. This branch is cut and separated, and is called HATHA JORI. Hatha Jodi is small in size about 1.5" - 2.0" and equally broad. One can see two stems joined together distinctly (gives a feel of two hands). There is an outline of claw at the end of the arms. The claw in the form of fingers, looks as though it were a human figure who is clenching (tightening) the fists. If both branches of this root are severed and joined together, its shape resembles a clasped hand (folded hand). The forest tribes just cut it out (uproot) and sell it. Hatha Jodi possesses bizarre and providential effects. It is an incarnation of goddess Chamunda. It has outstanding powers to beguile, to hypnotise, to shield people and enhances financial condition.

Powerful Effects

According to tantraveda.org, Hatha Jodi provides a host of effects, including the ability to hypnotize, shield and improve the financial situation for those who possess it. Its most powerful effect is its shielding effect, as it is said to have protected those who hold it on journeys, in discussions, interviews, and battles by providing the ability to triumph and overcome fear.
Good Luck Charm
Hatha Jodi is also considered a rare lucky charm that provides the holder with luck, wisdom, wealth and attractiveness. When the holder is faced with situations in which they are betting, in a trial or need to win favorably, having this root in their possession will encourage their luck and ability to triumph over the other opponent.
Financial Benefits
In addition to providing protection from harm and evil, Hatha Jodi also offers good luck, wealth and increase in business, according to tantraveda.org. It is particularly beneficial for business, as it can help to increase clientele, business status and the attraction power of a person. It does this because it contains the powers of "Vashikaran," which is identified in the Indian culture as attraction.
Proper Use
While the root is said to contain these powers of promoting bravery, wealth and good fortune, it is important to understand that it can only give these powers if it is properly energised and activated. It must be contained in its pure form, it must always be fresh, and it must be respected. Hatha Jodi placed on a piece of red cloth. Once it is dry, it must be dipped into sindhoor and properly preserved. Finally, it needs to be placed in a devout place where it can be worshiped and respected.
Mantra - Om Rim Klim Namh
Estabilish Hatha Jodi in proper place before 1008 time chant the mantra
Benefits Of Hatha Jodi
Good health & enough wealth
Protects from evil effects
Help to cure disease
Peace of mind
More consciousness
Better Bhakti
All kind of protection
Prestigious in society
Financial growth
Business growth
Protection of children
Power of worship
you must avoid touching it with bare hands and you must not disclose or show this to other people, also this has to be kept in a clean and pure place such as cash box, puja-path place or locker.

this product is very sensitive and spiritual, if this is touched again and again it gets impure and becames less beneficial.

It is always kept in vermillion (Sindoor) in a silver box in the pooja room.  

Hatha Jodi are highly energized with puja-path and rituals so hurry up and buy now Hatha Jodi.

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