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Rune Crystal Stone

Rune reading is an easy form of divination. There are 25 five Traditional Viking runes versus the 78 cards in a traditional tarot deck which makes them much easier to learn. Runes are read for divination and spiritual guidance. Rune stones can also be carried or used in spells to offer aid in your area of need.

They are the ancient alphabet of the Norse. They have come to be a great source of inspiration and clarity. During a cast one examines the past, the present and the future which is strongly interconnected with one’s past actions. The use of these Viking characters or runic alphabet is limitless and they have been found inscribed onto many surfaces of differing materials.

In addition to their use as a written alphabet, they are a system of symbols used for magic and divination. They can be used for spells, divination, poems and ornamentation. They can also be used as good luck charms, like the ancient Viking warriors did.

For these reasons, their use has evolved throughout the ages, and they are seen being commonly used today for;

*  divination

*  decision making

*  communication

As the runes spread throughout Europe by the Anglo Saxons, the runic alphabet which was quite varied in number depending upon geographical location, finally became settled into a basic alphabet of 24 Runes called the FuThark.

    ·         Set of 25 Runes

·         Tumbled & Polished Crystal

·         Engraved Gold-painted lettering

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