Black Tourmaline Bracelet

Buy Black Tourmaline Bracelet online | Buy Black Tourmaline Bracelet online in india
Buy Black Tourmaline Bracelet online | Buy Black Tourmaline Bracelet in india
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Black Tourmaline Bracelet

Black Tourmaline as Mental Balancer For mental/emotional healing, tourmaline appears to help enhance concentration, inspiration and sensitivity. Further, it has been used to stimulate a proper balance between the left and right sides of the brain. 

Black tourmaline is also considered to help in all other areas of our lives where a state of equilibrium is required, such as between play & work, ease & pain; or, inner- & outer- consciousnesses. 

Black Tourmaline, as a Lucky Stone
I have came across rubbing black tourmaline brings luck and happiness. When rubbed, it becomes charged with magnetic electricity and the luck intensifies. 

Activation of black tourmaline energy allows one to feel grounded again, like an Oak tree grounded deep to earth so it can grow strong and beautiful.


The Black Tourmaline bracelets are often worn on the left wrist. Most of the negative energy we encounter comes in from the left so it is a natural fit there. You can obviously wear it on the right if that is more comfortable for you and many people keep them under their pillows at night if they aren’t comfortable sleeping with them on their wrist. You may also wish to hang them from your bed post at night as they have long been used as protection from nightmares and physic attacks while sleeping. And for those of you who simply aren’t comfortable wearing anything on your wrists you can simple keep the bracelet in one of your pockets or hand bag.

These bracelets are excellent protection from negative effects of cell phones, and don’t be surprised if your bracelet buzzes or vibrates as it reacts to the energy of the phone. This is just one of the amazing properties carried within its crystalline, geometric code, and while little is truly know about this, is known that when an electrical charge or wave is applied to the bracelet an opposite charge is sent out pushing against the negative incoming charge in an attempt to balance.


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