Lucky Frog Nine Direcation

Buy Lucky Frog Nine Direcation online | Buy Lucky Frog Nine Direcation online in india
Buy Lucky Frog Nine Direcation online | Buy Lucky Frog Nine Direcation in india Buy Lucky Frog Nine Direcation online | Buy Lucky Frog Nine Direcation in india
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Lucky Frog Nine Direcation


The Nine Frogs of wealth was specifically designed to further enhance the existing benefits of a single three legged Toad .

There are eight of them on the base of trigrams ,which is meanto to pull in good news and material gain from all direcations.

Lucky Frog or three legged toad also represents the symbol of attractive good fortune and wealth luck. If you are a business man, put a three legged toad in your office and it will attract good fortune and wealth luck for your business. 

There are no limits as some many lucky frogs you can place in your house or office but try not to have more then 9. Three,Six,Nine frog more suitable and lucky for you.

The Three legged toad or also known as Money Frog is the best symbol of making money.

It is a great Fengshui Gifts!

Lucky frog setup in your living room,on your desk,main hall or garden.

Your lucky frog or toad face not setup to opposite main door. Avoid placing the toad directly opposite the door as the energy is too strong.

Never place a money frog in your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. These areas dull or negate the money frog's energy. While water is associated with money, the bathroom is off limits because this location can overwhelm or "drown" your frog's powers.

Quantity - 1 Frog with 1 Big coin.

Vatsu store offers Lucky Frog at affordable rate so hurry up and buy now Lucky Frog.

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