Gold Spiral Cage Pendulum with Pebbels

Buy Gold Spiral Cage Pendulum with Pebbels online | Buy Gold Spiral Cage Pendulum with Pebbels online in india
Buy Gold Spiral Cage Pendulum with Pebbels online | Buy Gold Spiral Cage Pendulum with Pebbels in india
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Gold Spiral Cage Pendulum with Pebbels

Quantity - Gold Spiral Cage Pendulum 1 piece and crystal pebbles 1 piece

Colour - Gold

Crystal pebbles setup in gold spiral cage pendulum.

Gold Spiral Cage Pendulum with Pebbels - These Spiral shaped Metal Alloy Pendulums from India are perfectly weighted and are great to use for dowsing. They are available as Silver, Gold or Copper-plated Pendulums on a matching chain with ball on the end.

To scry using a pendulum, you hold the small end in your hand, remaining very still, and ask a yes or no question.  If the pendulum moves in a circle, the answer is yes, and if it moves from side to side, then the answer is no. This is a very basic explanation, but let your intuition guide you. When asking questions, try holding the Pendulum over your favorite stone or crystal for clearer answers.

Gold Spiral Cage Pendulum with Pebbels

High energy design Gold Vortex Pendulum.

Light, fast action, fine balance,
and very responsiveness. All of our pendulums are cleansed, cleared, and
energized with love, expanded consciousness,
inspired insight, and well-being.

Here's a list of some possible ways to use your pendulum.

              1.    Getting guidance from your higher self

2.    Connecting to the wisdom of the universe, the collective consciousness

3.    Communicating with your inner child

4.    Understanding events of the past

5.    Predicting the future (keeping in mind that the "future" is in constant flux)

6.    Checking the status of one's chakras – identifying imbalances or blockages

7.    Communicating with pets and animals

8.    Detecting the presence of and communicating with angels

9.    Enhancing energy healing

10.  Cleansing Tarot cards and verifying card readings

11.  Checking for the presence of energies, entities, spirits, or angels

12.  Checking for unwanted astral cord connections

13.  Communicating with the spirit world

14.  Finding lost objects

15.  Locating underground water, minerals, or oil

16.  Deciding on meals / food ingredients

17.  Deciding on colors (to wear, to use in your environment, etc.)


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