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Sukra Puja

Shukra (Venus) Puja is done to appease planet Venus. Grah Shanti Shukra Pooja is recommended to those, having malefic shukra or wrongly placed Venus as per the horoscope. Following things are associated with Shukra or Venus: 

In Vedic astrology, the planet Venus is known as Shukra. Shukra is considered as a beneficial planet. Venus God is believed to be charming with a splendid physique, excellent in nature, phlegmatic and windy. The Nature of Venus (Shukra) is watery.

Worship of Venus - Shukra Pooja 
Shukra Puja is performed when Venus is ill-placed in one's birth chart. Shukra bestows long life, wealth, happiness, children, and property and good education. Shukra Puja can be started from any Friday. It is advisable to wear white clothes and chant the following Shukra Mantra, facing the south-east direction.

Aum Aim Aim Gam Grahesvara Shukraya Namah 
Chanting of this mantra will help to reduce the adverse influence of malefic Venus. One can observe fast on Fridays to get quick results. 

Position of Venus 
The planet Venus or Shukra is most powerful in the 4th house. Venus exalts in the sign of Pisces and falls in the opposite sign of Virgo. Shukra rules over the sidereal signs of Taurus and Libra. Shukra (Venus) resides one month in each Rashi and takes one year to complete the zodiac cycle. 

Shukra and its significance
Venus is an indicator of spouse, love, marriage, comfort, luxury, beauty, prosperity, happiness, all conveyances, art, dance music, acting, passion and sex. Shukra blesses the people with power to control their sense organs (Indriyas) and enables to obtain name and fame. Afflictions to Venus can cause eye diseases, venereal complaints, indigestion, pimples, impotency, loss of appetite and rashes on the skin.

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