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Wu Lu

Wu Lu (bottle gourd) originates from a fruit. When dried, it is very durable and its shape render it useful as a receptacle for medicine. The Wu Lu was often carried by aged people as a charm of longevity and a charm to dissipate or ward off pernicious influences. The Wu Lu, like baguas and windchimes, is one of the most significant tools to cure many bad situations and enhance our Feng Shui. It is the powerful symbol of health and longevity. Many deities like the Sau Sing Kung (in 3 Lucky Stars Fuk Luk Sau), Li Tieh Kuai (in 8 Immortals) and Mad Monk God (Chai Kung) carry this excellent item with them to resemble their blessings to cure difficult ailment. Some said the shape of the wu lu is also a wonderful integration of heaven, earth and mankind. Deities and taoist monks even use the Wu Lu to absorb bad evil spirits into it for imprisonment. Therefore Wu Lu has the potency to absorb bad chi and negative energy.

Wu Lu has many uses as cure and enhancer: 

1. Display a wu lu in any part of your homes (as many as you can afford) to create good health and bring in good fortune and dissolving negative energy (chi). 
2. Display or hang two wu lus (either in its natural form or made from metal) on both sides of the bed to heal ailments/sickness and rejuvanate the energy of sick people to quicken recovery. 
3. Display or hang a wu lu in the bedroom (or by the bed) to ensure any health problems is prevented. Prevention is better than cure! 
4. Display a wu lu in the kitchen to activate health luck for the family as it ensures only healthy food is produced in our kitchens which is the source of health for the family. 
5. Display the wu lu in the east sector of our living rooms, family rooms and dining for good health of the entire family. 
6. Wu Lu (crystal or brass) is an excellent gift for old people during their birthdays to wish them long life, good health and longevity. 
7. Displaying a wu lu on the desk or at your workplace ensures bad chi which could harm you be dissolved. 
8. Hang a wu lu in your car to prevent accidents and absorb any poison and killing chi. It prevents dirty energy from sticking to your car or follow you home too. 
9. Wu lu (especially made of bronze) is used to cure illness star-2. In 2006, the Illness Star #2 according to Flying Star Feng Shui is located in SE sector. For houses with bedrooms and main door falling in this Illness Star location, placing this cure is essential. 
10. Display a wu lu at where you spend most of your time if there is a series of bad luck exerted on you. It will absorb bad energy (chi) and turn it into good fortune to you.
wulu is a fruit and a natural product, which is colored or covered by some solution to protect it from getting rotten, also since this natural product the color size and weight of each wulu differs from each other, so while you order this please know that being an natural fruit, the product might not seem exactly like what is displayed in the picture.
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