Parad Krumpusth Shreeyantra (80 to 90 Gram)

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Parad Krumpusth Shreeyantra

Description :
Parad Is considered to be Sperm of lord shiva. Worship of Parad Krumpusth shree yantra destroys Sins, thus one feel free from Sorrow and helps to fight disease. It has been said in puranas that one who worships mercury ( parad) in any form gets full worldly pleasures and attains salvation.
Parad Krumpusth (Shree yantra) is considered to be blessed with Lord Shiva, Goddess Laxmiji and Lord Vishnu. It is beleived that one who keeps laxmi kashyap together will help to attract and attain wealth, as laxmiji comes where vishnuji is there and turtle represents Lord vishnu, so kashyap shree yantra is considered to be more powerful than shree yantra also.
Mantra - "Om Shreem hreem Shreem Kamale Kamalalay Praseed   Praseed
                    Om Shreem hreem Shreem Mahalaxmay Namah"
Parad Krumpusth Shree yantra can be kept at temple, counter, almarihs.
Rose Flower should be sprinkled to ParadKrumpusth shree yantra.
Sthapana (place of worship) can be done on friday.
Procedure for puja and Sthapana.
(1) Keep the parad Krumpusth shree yantra in temples in front of other devotees under red cloth.
(2) Offer Panchaamrit (Milk,curd,Ghee, Sugar, honey one by one).
(3) wash the Parad Krumpusth shree yantra with gangajal.
(4) chant the mantra.
Vatsu store offers Parad Krumpusth Shreeyantra at affordable rate so hurry up and buy now Parad Krumpusth Shreeyantra.

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